Upload Info: Preparing your tracks for Pete Maher Mastering


All I need for mastering is a well balanced stereo mix with no limiter or mastering plugin on the master bus during mixdown. Don’t worry if the volume seems low as I will boost it in the mastering process without compromising the dynamic range. I know it’s tempting to run your mix through a limiter to make it louder and more competitive but this will limit full potential. The more headroom you give me the better the results will be. Remember, good mixes make great masters. Please upload your mixes in WAV or AIF format with a maximum output volume of -3db (so no clipping please). It’s best to export your mixes at the same sample rate and bit size as your session. I’m happy to listen to a track first before mastering it and always happy to answer questions regarding the process.


Send your tracks directly to Pete Maher by clicking below (opens a new window):


All tracks sent to Pete Maher will be mastered by Pete Maher (no assistants).

  • Masters will be sent to you via WeTransfer as industry standard 16 bit WAVS or 24 bit WAVS (or both) depending on the project.
  • A red book production master CD/DDP for duplication/replication can be provided on request.
  • Text and ISRC codes will be embedded (Known as PQ Encoding).
  • ISRC codes are generated by the PPL for the owner of the music only.
I’m receiving a lot of emails from unsigned artists asking to pay more to get a ‘major label’ service, so let me be clear about this. All projects that I take on are given the exact same level of attention. My unsigned rates are in place to support self financed artists and small labels. Unlike other engineers, I do not give priority to major label artists. For me, it’s all about the music and ONLY the music !! Pete Maher ..



Pete did a great job mastering ‘(AHK-toong BAY-bi) Covered’, not an easy task with 12 completely different sound sources from 12 different studios, he managed to make it sound as cohesive as the original, no mean feat indeed.

Dave Henderson
Project Manager – Q magazine

I’ve listened on my monitors, headphones, and laptop speakers and you’ve really captured the vibe perfectly, the balance of frequencies sounds great; bass sounds awesome, no snare harshness at all, vocals cut through and sit nicely, guitar sounds great, and the top end frequencies sound really nice. They sound absolutely incredible !!

Matt Basnett
Independent Producer

I just had a chance to hear your magic on our ‘London Loves You’ track! I really must say.. We are knocked out by the amazing difference you have made to the work. Nothing short of EXCELLENT. We are proclaiming you ‘THE MAN WHO DOES IT BEST! Based on the three mastered versions we now have.. Ding Ding.. Yours is infact SUPERIOR.. AND THE ONE WE WILL BE USING.

Scobie Ryder

Thanks for all your amazing work. Brilliant and dynamic!

Danton Supple
(Coldplay, Doves, Charlie Simpson)

Pete did a really great job and was extremely user friendly!

Declan Gaffney
(U2 Producer and Engineer)

Pete is quick, attentive and very professional. His ability is worth it’s weight in gold. Anyone thinking of doing the mastering process themselves, think again. Pete may hold the key for arriving in style. High class!

Arthur May

Pete Maher is just amazing. Though his pedigree with major labels and artists speaks for itself, it’s his massive passion for music that obviously inspires such great results, where his attention to detail, quality and an endless positive approach has been nothing short of inspiring. What a great guy and professional. I will be working with him on many projects to come. Thanks mate.

Steve Belgrave
(Rolling Stones, Beady Eye)

Superb results every time. Pete will bend over backwards until the client is happy. Very easy to work with, listens to everything you say to him and executes wishes well. I highly recommend him. Charlie Hoskyns-Abrahall, produced Shane McGowan and The Popes with Chris Brown (Radiohead, Beatles).

Charlie Hoskyns-Abrahall
Produced Shane McGowan and The Popes with Chris Brown (Radiohead, Beatles).

I met Pete whilst networking and looking for mastering services. His track record of the work he has done for major labels and established artists says it all. Yet when he engages in a project for an independent musician his work ethic is second to none with the same attention to detail putting the artist’s and songs needs first. A true professional with the music at heart. The industry needs more people like him.

Al Goodwin Music

Having spent 30 years in the industry working with various mastering engineers from Bernie Grundman to Sterling Sound to the The Townhouse etc I have not come across a more consistent mastering engineer than Pete Maher. Pete’s work is first class every time bar none. He delivers precision masters in a timely manner and on budget every time. I think he sets the standard of what modern day mastering is all about. You seriously can’t go wrong working with him.

Mike Puskas
CEO / Ikonic Artists