Online Mastering

No more watching the clock and paying by the hour and no more making decisions on the spot only to revise them at a later date (for an extra fee). With online mastering the rate is fixed and revisions are included. This is the final stage in production and your last chance to get it ‘sonically’ right before the release. Please read Pete’s Maher’s notes below regarding this service.

Pete Maher Online Mastering Notes:

I set my first studio up in Camden Town in London in 2002. Back then all mastering sessions were attended and paid for by the hour. Clients would make important decisions on the spot but often call back a couple of days later to make revisions. It could be the length of a gap between two songs or possibly changing the running order of the CD. This would incur extra fees and the session could become quite tense and expensive (no one likes taking a taxi and watching the fare increase whilst stuck in traffic, right?). In 2004 I became the first mastering engineer in London to offer an online service. This allowed me to reach out to artists and labels around the world and within 12 months my work was 75% online. These days it’s almost completely online and is the best option by far. All my work with U2 is online and all my regular work with major labels is online. It’s the one area in production that benefits from everyone taking time to listen to their tracks before signing them off. It’s better for me too as I get to work ‘in the zone’ without distraction. I can then check and review each master before sending them to the client and I can make revisions based on constructive feedback if need be (I usually nail it first time though!).

*A Pete Maher master is warm, dynamic and fully optimized for release. Listen to Pete’s work on this site and check out his amazing rates for unsigned artists and independent labels.

The image below is taken from the U2 supergroup album. This was Pete Maher’s breakthrough project and another online session. The album was a global smash !!