Pete Maher is a successful mastering engineer working with the worlds leading artists, producers and labels. Recent mastering projects include U2, The Killers, Jack White, Noel Gallagher, The Rolling Stones and Lana Del Rey. He uses valve multiband compression and all the best digital plugins to give your mixes more height, depth and volume. Your masters will sound perfect for radio and will be fully optimized for digital release and CD. All mastering work will comply with strict red book standards and all text and ISRC codes will be embedded (PQ Encoded). Pete is a huge supporter of new music and offers lower rates to unsigned artists and independent labels. From classical to jazz to funk to hip hop to dance, Bollywood, rock, pop, indie, hardcore and metal, Pete will optimize your tracks to their FULL potential.

* All Pete Maher masters are iTunes – MFiT approved.

‘I honestly believe that the best music in the world today is either independent or still unsigned. There’s a huge amount of talent out there being overlooked by major labels and that needs to change. It’s time for the industry to dig a lot deeper!’  Pete Maher at the S.A.E. London (Music Producers Forum).

Pete Maher – Selected Discography

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Here’s what Pete’s clients say …

‘I met Pete whilst networking and looking for mastering services. His track record of the work he has done for major labels and established artists says it all. Yet when he engages in a project for an independent musician his work ethic is second to none with the same attention to detail putting the artist’s and songs needs first. A true professional with the music at heart. The industry needs more people like him.’ Al Goodwin Music (London, UK).


Unsigned Artist Rate – £28 per master (or $50 per master depending on location)
Independent Label Rate – £38 per master (or $75 per master depending on location)
Major Label Rate – £75 per master (or $125 per master depending on location)


Message from Pete: All projects will be given my FULL attention. Rates are based on the artists financial background. I can’t offer lower rates to major labels and I wouldn’t feel good about charging full rates to unsigned artists. As a supporter of new music I believe that everyone deserves top quality professional mastering at a rate they can afford. Improving the quality of new music is a win win for everyone!

BBC introducing


* Of all the tracks we receive from new artists your masters are by far the most polished and professional sounding – BBC Introducing


 Pete Maher, you are truly a WORLD CLASS mastering GOD! Thanks for giving your whole heart to Shakila and this ‘11:11 City of Love’ Album. Your touch gave a whole new dimension and I learned tons from you. You are a great human, friend, and professional. Love & Peace, Art Tawanghar, Producer (San Diego, California, USA)


‘I don’t think there’s one engineer working at the same level as Pete who still supports and looks after the small guys (like us). I mean, he works with the greatest bands in the world yet still takes on unsigned and small label projects – at ridiculously affordable rates! Pete, we salute you! Thank you!’ Tom McAvoy, Hampstead Media (London).


‘We’re so pleased to have you on board Pete. Having tried and tested an algorithm based mastering tool it’s obvious that your touch is exactly what’s required. The depth and detail of your work on our tracks is by far superior! Fantastic work Pete.’  S.B. Productions (Berlin, Germany)


‘Having spent 30 years in the industry working with various mastering engineers from Bernie Grundman to Sterling Sound to the The Townhouse I have not come across a more consistent mastering engineer than Pete Maher. Pete’s work is first class every time bar none. He delivers precision masters in a timely manner and on budget every time. I think he sets the standard of what modern day mastering is all about. You seriously can’t go wrong working with him.’ Mike Puskas, CEO / Ikonik Artists (Australia) ..



* Pete Maher was one of the first mastering engineers approached by apple. His first MFiT project was a No1 hit album for Turboweekend (EMI)


* I’m receiving a lot of emails from unsigned artists asking to pay more to get a ‘major label’ service, so let me be clear about this. All projects that I take on are given the exact same level of attention. My unsigned rates are in place to support self financed artists and small labels. Unlike other engineers, I do not give priority to major label artists. For me, it’s all about the music and ONLY the music !! Pete Maher ..


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