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I found Pete online after a comprehensive search and was by far the best

Description of the release, from Woodrow & CO.

The creation of this Woodrow % CO album is the result of my life not going quite to plan!

Profoundly in 2005 there I was in New York City, stood outside the iconic Dakota
building where for one man it had so abruptly ended, and for me an
inspirational awakening had began.

On 18th of January 1981 “North of England way” I heard John Lennon’s recorded voice preaching to me from New York, telling fascinating tales of rock and roll that ignited a passion in me that nothing would ever extinguish. Sadly he would never record
anything again, but from that moment my life was changed

I have fond memories of my first band “Middle Earth”.
In its original incarnation it would never see the light of day but some remnants
remained to experience playing a handful of gigs.
This was not going to be easy, but I was learning fast.

Aurora would become my life for over 10 years; a professional melodic rock band that I would sacrifice anything for. We gigged all over the UK and supported the likes of Adrian Smith, Love/Hate and Lisa Dominique and even landed a recording session for Radio One’s “Friday rock show” at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios. New songs were
written and more demos were made and played on UK, American, Swedish and Japanese radio.
Major record company interest was generated but it was now the mid 90s and the demise of the rock scene was upon us.
Aurora had missed the boat, the crew jumped ship and the dream was devastatingly over.

More than a decade has passed since the first notes of Electric Soup hit the hard drive and Woodrow & Co evolved and developed into this, plan B. Influenced by my super heroes; The Beatles, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Tesla, Sheryl Crow among others, and inspired by loves lost and gained. Electric Soup is an eclectic mix of
melodies and heartfelt lyrical messages with performances from myself and guest star vocalists and fellow musicians who I have to thank for their patience,
talent and generous contribution.

The album will be digitally distributed on al major download sites.

Pete Maher Testimonial:

Pete took my mixes that were recorded over a vast amount of time with different levels and EQ’s and made the eclectic mix sound like an album. transparent mastering that brought a clarity I didn’t expect was there!