How did you hear about Pete Maher Mastering?

Research on the net. Then Pete mastered Ryan Webb’s yet to be released EP

Description of the release by Ryan Webb:

Ryan Webb’s EP hasn’t been released as yet (date yet to be confirmed). However, one song, Journey, has just been released (2nd October 2015). It has been chosen for airplay on a number of stations, online as well as FM. The Twisted Mixtape: “Journey sounds like a little bit like Duran Duran at the beginning, which then blends into a Stereophonics sound, along with One Republic. It’s an absolutely fantastic song, with incredibly strong vocals. EGH Radio: “Such strong vocals. What an absolutely fabulous song.” Jackson Cooper’s Riviera Showcase: “One of my favourite tracks of the week.” With most plays, each DJ has mentioned Pete Maher and the artists he has worked with.

Biography by Georgie Robbins:
It has been a lifetime of obstacles, adventure and a whole lot of learning for London-based singer/songwriter/tech extraordinaire, whose experience in the industry spans 25 years.
As a vocalist with ‘an amazing range’ according to vocal coach Kim Chandler, Ryan is a breed of musician that has become scarce in recent times. An interesting character through and through, you can guarantee you won’t tire of hearing Ryan play.
Many artists peak in their early twenties and disappear into an endless routine of churning out their greatest hits, but for Ryan Webb the time is now for the world to appreciate the talents he has developed from years of hard graft and utter determination.
Breaking the mould of your stereotypical rock star, Ryan is a musical chameleon. Blending his natural musical abilities with an unwaverly dedication to his craft, an artist emerges that we can be excited about.
Having recording backing tracks to no less than 250 well known songs it soon became apparent that Ryan was more than a cover artist or background feature of other people’s performances. So with the help of his wife, Sonya, he started to write his own music and develop skills that would eventually allow him to record his own music, with his own personal touch.
It is this ability to diversify and develop skills that have provided his most honest, his most interesting and most passionate work. With influences from the likes of David Gilmour, Joe Satriani and even Queen, he is certainly an artist you will be hard pushed to pigeonhole.
Now with his own identity found and the passion for music still pushing him forward Ryan has a fully formed band ready to explode on to the music scene. Three years in the making, it has been a long process, but one that Ryan didn’t want to rush or take lightly. Taking pride in his work he wanted to make sure the band met his vision, and as if by an act of fate everything fell into place in a matter of weeks.
2015 looks set to be the year Ryan gains the recognition he deserves as a talented artist and fluid musician.

Production information:

The majority of guitar, bass and drum parts were all recorded by Ryan himself in his home studio (with the exception of drums on Lost for Words – by Max Saidi & cello on Song for Tony – by Rachel Dawson).
Ryan produced the entire EP.
The vocals were recorded at Dean Street Studios in London with Austen Jux-Chandler as engineer. Alex Beitzke was responsible for the mixing, and finally the EP was sent to Pete Maher for mastering.

Pete Maher Testimonial :

We found Pete via Google and checking various reviews. Ryan knew straight away that his self-titled debut EP would sound fantastic if Pete were to master it. The fact that he does so much to help unsigned artists is great, particularly as we’d not found anyone quite so sympathetic towards the lack of finances some artists have!
The turnaround for Ryan Webb’s EP with 5 tracks was incredibly fast and we couldn’t have been happier with the end result. Pete even made some great comments about the EP, and as he mentioned that he particularly liked Journey, that song has just been released as the first single.
We’d highly recommend Pete Maher for all your mastering needs. He’s incredibly easy to work with, and you’ll definitely be pleased with the end results.
Sonya Webb, Manager: Ryan Webb

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