Wilson Nash – Pete Maher Mastering – Independent Showcase

How did you hear about Pete Maher Mastering?

A desperate Google search for a reliable mastering engineer one random night…

Description of the release, from Wilson Nash.

I’m a music producer, recordist and studio engineer. I specialise in guerrilla audio recording techniques and I own ‘Wilson Nash Recording’ (WNR) based in Jersey CI.

WNR was founded in 2012 and has been slowly building its reputation for interesting high quality recordings at low cost to independent self funding musicians ever since.

WNR’s ethos is to capture sound then free it. I do this by recording my artists/clients in unique acoustic spaces such as; medieval castle’s, vaulted halls, WW2 Bunkers, libraries, 1950’s pre-fab huts, glasshouses, heritage homes and just about anywhere else that works in an interesting acoustic way.

My latest release by ‘Dennisson’ is the ‘Lambs Tale EP’ https://itun.es/gb/mb7P7

This was recorded in a beach house we had access to in Jersey. The main room was fantastic for drums, upright bass and guitars. The grand piano was recorded in Gilbert O’Sullivan’s studio and the vocals were recorded in my studio.

Other WNR releases include ‘The Cryptics’ Black Lucy EP: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/black-lucy-ep/id749050802

This was 100% recorded in an underground 1940’s WW2 German bunker in one weekend. This was used as a cover disc and received 4/5 starts from Dynamite Magazine and was distributed across Europe.

Another is ‘Tyllo’ by Karis Rushton: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tyllo-ep/id791528291

This was recorded over the period of a year in various locations such as a 1950’s town hall, a basic living room, a sewing room, a derelict 3 storey doctors surgery in downtown St Helier and an empty office space. This audio was then all pieced together in my studio.

Lastly ‘The Soldier’ by Kevin Pallot: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-soldier-single/id993092254

Kevin, who is an accomplished artist, came to me after meeting Frank (the subject of the song and artwork) at a gallery exhibition. Frank is a WW2 veteran. Jersey was celebrating it’s Liberation from the Nazi occupation during remembrance and we decided to capture the song Kevin had been inspired to write that night after the gallery show – this was 100% that recording and it was done in one corner of a room in my house.

My recording rig is centred around a Mac Pro (late 2013) and a Macbook Pro. My interface is the Apollo Quad and I use a Dangerous D-Box summing mixer for summing and monitor control.

My principal preamps are a 6176 and 4710d by Universal audio. I have a great selection of microphones from AKG, Blue, Shure and Audix. Monitoring is by Acoustic Energy AE22 Actives, Mackie HR824’s and Avantone.

All my equipment is flight-cased and fully mobile (ready for those guerrilla recording adventures) and I have an acoustically treated editing and mix suite based in my home for those 3am sessions…

Pete Maher has mastered all my work since going independent.

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