Two 5 – Mastered by Pete Maher.

How did you hear about Pete Maher Mastering?

We heard about Pete from Facebook as we have some mutual ‘Friends’ and saw some of the excellent stuff he was mastering.

Description of the release, from Two 5

We’re based in South London, Crystal Palace and the core of the band is Andy Burke and Ron McElroy. Andy’s singing and playing guitar on the right and Ron’s playing guitar on the left. Rob Hervais-Adelman is playing drums all over it and Jude Richards is doing the low notes.

Our new EP ‘Long Lie’ is the culmination of years of jamming, lots of pondering and the will-power to finally get around to record something we’ll really enjoy putting down and gigging. We recorded and produced it ourselves in our own little studio (with mixing assistance from the awesome Gary Lee) and we really appreciate the amazing job Pete did at smoothing out all the unintentionally ‘rough edges’ with his awesome valve mastering gear. We can’t wait to get out on the road and gig this around the UK and Europe. Cheers Pete!

Hugs & Kisses, Two 5.

P.S. The cool and moody Victorian-style album cover pic is by the talented photographer John Barrett.


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