Another Pete Maher Master – T’Pau – Pleasure & Pain

I Think About You (Single Release)


In February 2015, T’Pau released their fifth studio album, Pleasure & Pain, and embarked on a tour. The final eight shows on the Pleasure & Pain Tour had to be cancelled in early March after Decker suffered damage to her voice while suffering from bronchitis. Around the same time it emerged that she had also grown frustrated at a lack of airplay for her band’s new material, as many radio stations were only interested in playing T’Pau’s classic hits. In an interview she stated, “It’s a little harder to get on the radio because all the ’80s stations play the ’80s stuff and they won’t play your new stuff. They actually say they can’t, and then the younger stations play the younger artists, the hip stations. That’s the downside, and I miss hearing radio plays for the new stuff… it is a little frustrating that I can’t get it out to the wider audience anymore.”

The new T’Pau album ‘Pleasure & Pain’ is here!!!! Its available to download via: iTunes or purchase the CD on and at all HMV Canada locations. The second single from the new album, ‘Read My Mind’, is also available to download: iTunes, and (Wikipedia)

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