Sa Dingding – Mastered by Pete Maher

Sa Dingding – Wonderland (featuring Alison Goldfrapp)


From Universal China: We created a one minute teaser film which follows Sa Dingding making the same journey her music made on the album. Beginning in natural landscapes and moving through traditional hutongs, she arrives in the thronging night-time streets – and packed, laser-lit dancefloors – of modern China.

About Sa Dingding

Sa Dingding was born in Inner Mongolia, China, Sa is of Han Chinese ancestry from her father’s side and Mongolian ancestry from her mother side, and she was influenced by the music of the ethnic minorities while living with her grandmother in Inner Mongolia until age six. She also became interested in Buddhism and taught herself Tibetan and Sanskrit. Later on, she moved to Beijing to study music at the People’s Liberation Army Arts College.

At age 18, she released her first album entitled Dong Ba La under her birth name Zhou Peng, awarding her with the title of China’s Best Dance Music Singer.

In 2006, “Holy Incense” was used as the theme song for the movie Prince of the Himalayas, directed by Sherwood Hu.

In mid-2007, she released Alive, now available physically and as a download in many countries. The Hong Kong release of the album features a DVD containing music videos, a remix of “Alive”, making of footage and a Chinese version of “Mama Tian Na”, not featured on the album.

In 2008 she won the BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music for the Asia-Pacific region, earning herself the chance to perform at the Royal Albert Hall to a Western audience. In the same year, she also released a two track single called “Qin Shang”.

Sa Dingding’s album 2014 ‘Wonderland’ remixes the musician’s ethereal, folk-infused music into contemporary, dance-floor filling bangers. Studio Output were briefed to build excitement around the release and herald the arrival of a traditional artist onto the urban scene.

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