The Paul K Band – Mastered by Pete Maher

How did you hear about Pete Maher Mastering?

Through on-line reviews and by word of mouth from a fellow musician.

Description of the release, from the Paul K Band 

The EP, Bright Side, will be released in the spring of 2016 and was recorded and mixed at The Clew Bay Recording studio on the West Coast of Ireland. The writing, rehearsing, arrangement and recording of the EP has been filmed as part of a documentary about the band detailing how we went through the various processes and how we have gone about releasing the EP from a creative perspective and from an Industry perspective. We are hoping that the documentary will serve as an educational tool to up-coming bands on how the processes worked for us, and how one might learn from any mistakes we may have made in the making of the EP.  The next step in the release of Bright Side will be the shooting of two music videos for the first two singles. The artwork for the EP cover is currently being drafted and the storyboards for the videos are currently being worked upon.

The tracks were mixed and produced by David O’Regan together with production and arrangement from Bartholomew de Boer on two of the tracks. The Drums, Bass and Piano were recorded live first to a click-track , with all other instruments added in afterwards. The five track EP features:

Paul Kirwan: Vocals & Piano
Raphael Dziubinski: Drums
Marcin Piasecki: Bass
David O’Regan: Guitars
Paul Devanney: Trumpet


We first heard of Pete’s work through on-line reviews and subsequently through a fellow musician, Seanie Vaughan, who had used Pete’s Mastering talents for his Album. We were particularly impressed by Pete’s support of un-signed and Independent bands in helping them to produce music that was both Industry Standard and of a quality that would be normally out of the reach of cash-strapped, struggling bands. The agreement of Pete to become involved in our project gave us renewed focus, hope and self-belief which was needed at the time, especially that we hail from a part of Ireland which was well outside the scope of the Music scene here. Pete’s professionalism, quality of work and outstanding good will has transformed  a good EP into an outstanding piece of work of which we are all proud. The association of a man of the caliber of Pete Maher, especially with his portfolio, is of huge bonus to the band and it has been an absolute pleasure working with him.
We are currently working on plans for an Album for late 2016 and we hope to be working with Pete on that project in the future.

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