Maximo Park – The National Health.

This Maximo Park album was produced by Gil Norton and mastered by Pete Maher.

It received mainly positive reviews, The Guardian gave it 4 stars out of 5 calling it “energised and good fun”. NME rated it 8 out of 10, saying “The National Health’, you see, is a fully ticked-off shopping list of everything that’s unashamedly ace about this band. Maxïmo Park take themselves so seriously, and every song strives for heads-down greatness. ‘The Undercurrents’ is the one moment they achieve it, transcending everything around it (including Smith’s slightly clunky “I won’t forget the way you forgive me” hook). It builds, storm-like, into something that might protrude proudly from a catalogue of the Bunnymen, of The Verve, of latter-day Manics, of any Great British Band aware that they are indeed a Great British Band. (Wikipedia)


  • Project Type: Maximo Park Album, Top 20 hit, V2 Records, Produced By Gil Norton.
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