How did you hear about Pete Maher Mastering?

After producing my second album BLACK CHILL, I randomly searched online for a world class Mastering Engineer who could compliment and enhance my music. Pete Maher’s site looked interesting, so I forwarded the edited title track as a trial and when the master was returned I was totally ‘blown away’. The track was lifted into another dimension. I then forwarded the rest of the tracks and within a few days received a brilliantly mastered (Oz Rock) album. Following this my third album NETHER HILL, a more acoustic and Celtic (Oz Celt) album was uploaded for mastering. Receiving the masters a few days later I was amazed at how Pete had managed to somehow breath life into the tracks with more clarity and richness. Since then Pete has mastered two more Oz Rock albums for me, MATTER GRAY and the latest CLUB SKULLDUGGERY.

Description of the release from Dave Reid

Final masters from the Club Skullduggery album have been used in two YouTube videos to date including; & ‘Level 44’.



The Club Skullduggery album was recorded and produced at REIDTUNES studio over 12 months in 2015.

All instruments and vocals performed by Dave Reid (except Blues Harp on TF Boogie track). All tracks edited and mixed by Dave Reid.

Instruments: Gibson S1 Guitar
Fender Squier Base
Maton ‘The Messiah’ 6 string acoustic Guitar
Lanikai 8 string Ukulele
Key Control 49 keyboard
Rode NT1-A mic
Hohner Pro Blues Harp
Drums (Drums on Demand)

Hardware: Apple iMac
Apollo UAD2 Quad Interface
Eleven Rack Interface
LA-610 Mk II Preamp and Compressor

Software:        Pro-tools 11

Art:    All CD art work done by Dave Reid (Photoshop Elements). Street art featured on the CD and on the Club Skullduggery YouTube video done by talented Australian artist DEB.

Pete Maher Testimonial:

Pete Maher, a musician’s best friend has the skill to make music sound even better than you ever thought possible. He somehow breathes life into and accentuates the passion and power in my music. Pete is very personable, professional and produces masters of the absolute highest quality. Thanks Pete for all your efforts and making this part of the process unbeatable.


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