The Burning Crows – Murder At The Gin House

The Burning Crows released their first album “Behind the Veil” back in 2013, and immediately set itself up as one of the best albums of the year. Now two years later, the boys are back with album number two “Murder at the Gin House”, can they repeat the success that “Behind the Veil” enjoyed?

There is no radical departure from the sound and direction that made “Behind the Veil” such a killer album, instead the band have grown into their sound, refined it and have delivered an album that’s even better than the debut. There’s a sense of growth and maturity that just leaps out at you from the first track. Another Nick Brine production mastered by Pete Maher.

  • Project Type: Burning Crows Album Mastering, Produced by Nick Brine, 2015 Release.
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