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I have worked with Pete on the making of this EP and the forthcoming album

Description of the release, from Boardwalk Isabella.

‘Clear The Decks’ is the debut EP release from Boardwalk Isabella. It contains the international radio hits, Resurrection Man, The World Is A Mirror, and Oh The Ground Was Hard, plus brand new single, The King Of Rock. All songs were written, produced and arranged by James C Hughes and mastered by Pete Maher.


Boardwalk Isabella is the alter ego and musical adventure of independent English rock funk artist and Singer Songwriter, James C Hughes, former New Wave bassist with the likes of The Banned, Cowboys International, The Original Mirrors, Department S, and session man who has played either with or alongside some of the great names of the music business including Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Omar Hakim, Stevie Wonder band’s Greg Phillinganes, Cameo, Terry Chimes from The Clash, Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode, Billy Curry of The Cult, Latoyah Jackson and many more.

Resurrection Man,the first single from the debut album, Headed for the Promised Land, recorded, mixed and produced by Hughes and mastered by Pete Maher, engineer to U2, The Rolling Stones and more, has been played to ecstatic reaction in 179 countries worldwide more than 50 times a day on a zero budget promotion – just the music talking.

The 2nd single, The World Is A Mirror, mastered once again by Pete Maher, exhibits all the qualities of the debut release: rock, soul and groove played with passion and hallelujah brio, and repeated the radio play success of Resurrection Man.

The 3rd single, Oh The Ground Was Hard has just been released and was welcomed into the world of rock by a rapturous response on the BBC.

Last month, listeners to Indie 365 Radio broadcasting out of Cleveland, Ohio voted Boardwalk Isabella Indie Artist Of The Year.

The sound has been variously described on radio and in print as, ‘amazing, epic, thrilling, funky, groove-laden, Led Zep-infused and straight out of the Nile Rodgers songbook.’

Come get some.

Notes From Pete: This was a unique album for mastering. I ran the mixes through an unusual combination of vintage exciters/enhancers, compression and EQ. The final sound is groovy and funky and very commercial. The fact that they were voted ‘Indie Artist Of The Year’ on 365 Radio confirms that hard work, determination and superb music can take you a long way!

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