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Through The Grapevine

Description of the release, from Bastru

Bastru got together to expunge the feelings of frustration felt by so many ‘closet’ musicians and as such, channel the energy into songs that please. It seems that no one who partakes in song writing and the like, is in control of what comes out of their creative portal and consequently you work with what you are given and don’t think too deeply about these things. Just go with whatever feels good and follow the instincts. It’s all about the vibe, the words, the saddest chords the bounciest beats, whatever avails is harvested from the experiences of life. From the opening stanza the album grips your senses and compels your brain to abandon any attempt to function in its usual fashion and yield to the vibe, merge into the tunes and melt into the moment like dog to juicy bone. The album was recorded at Zodiac studios in Greenwich, London and engineered by Salvo Nostrato who also co-produced with Bastru.

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