How did you hear about Pete Maher Mastering?

We were recommended Pete Maher Mastering by our recording Engineer/producer, Adie Hardy from Unit 2 Studios in Acton London ( after he we completed the recording on the project. We checked out his website, listened to some samples, read the testimonials and were suitably impressed to say the least!

Description of the release, from Bad Frankenhausen :

Bad Frankenhausen are a three piece Hard Rock, Heavy Metal band from London, UK.  We are inspired by a wide range of artists, from bands that are considered more ‘classic’, such as Deep Purple, Cream, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin; through to heavier fare, such as Megadeth, Trouble, Sleep and Ghost. We take this wide range of influences, add our own style and spin and create something that is exciting and unique.
Although we have played together with various vocalists for over six years, around a year and a half ago, we decided to relaunch ourselves. We went through all the music we had written together and began a gruelling process of editing, rewriting and rehearsal, with the sole purpose of ensuring that our music was the kind that we wanted to play and to listen to; heavy, riff-based, and complex in places with a strong sense of humour and fun.
When we had gotten the music to where we wanted it to be, we decided to record a full length debut release. Eins is that release.
After recording several demos over the years, we felt that our material was solid enough to commit to a proper recording. We went through out catalogue of songs and picked the seven that we though worked best together, saving the others for future releases. We wanted to select a range of songs that demonstrated the wide range of our style. From the instrumental Bad Frankenhausen, to the hard rock groove of Hail King Liar, to the balls out heavy metal of Last Road to Hell. Eins showcases the full spectrum of style of the band.

Once we had worked out the material we wanted on the album, we contacted Adie Hardy, who we had worked with before to record us, and he did an outstanding job getting the sound we wanted and both in recording and the mixing.
To be honest, we hadn’t really given mastering much though, but Adie recommended Pete Maher and once we looked into him and his work, we were pretty much going to settle for no one else! Pete was kind enough to take on this project and the songs were mastered in lightning fast time and just sound massive. Simply a pleasure to work with!
The album now is awaiting the final artwork and last preparation. It will be released into the world in both physical and digital formats before the end of 2015.  We hope you enjoy it.


Pete Maher Testimonial :

Pete was recommended to us by our engineer when we recorded our album. Once we heard a sample of his work, we knew that we couldn’t settle for anyone else!

Pete was a joy to work with, quick, helpful and professional at all times. When we got the mastered tracks back we were blown away by what he did. The difference is staggering! We would wholeheartedly recommend Pete to anyone and everyone – his work speaks for itself. (Bad Frankenhausen)

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