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Description of the release, from Defy All Reason:

The Road Ahead, is Defy All Reason’s debut full length album. The final masters have been used to compile this album which has been sent out to reviewers worldwide, receiving airplay on radio stations world wide, sold via a pledge campaign in order to complete the funding of the album process and then sold online via iTunes, hard copies through their online store and at gigs across the country. Defy All Reason also recently played in Ibiza for HRH Road Trip, sharing a stage with Skindred and many other great artists.
The album was self produced with the largest input coming from their drummer Todd Edwards, who also engineered the recording at his very own home studio. The recording process took longer than anticipated, with starting the tracking in the summer of 2014 and finishing the recording in January 2015 with the release in May 2015.

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