How did you hear about Pete Maher Mastering?

Referral from Loopmaniac Studios in Dunfermline

Description of the release, from Jeff Bernstein:
Jeff Bernstein was born on the 21st April 1965 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.
Destined to compose for film and TV, Bernstein grew up listening to an eclectic mix from musicals to soundtracks and in particular, John Barry, Maurice Jarre and Ennio Morricone.

It wasn’t until hearing John Barry’s Persuaders theme at a young age in the early 70’s that he became addicted to the art of those who created music for the film/TV genre. This becomes apparent when listening to Bernstein’s compositions, which encompass and conjure up a spectrum of emotions ranging from romance to drama, thriller and horror.

Following a brief spell signed to a Major record label in the 80’s as part of a band, Bernstein always had a passion burning within to create his own compositions for film and TV. He began to seriously look at the possibility of building his own studio in 2012 and this came to fruition in the latter part of that year.  A mix of dedication and a unique composing style has lead to interest from a number of leading industry professionals. A publishing deal has recently been acquired along with the opportunity to compose for the Australian Sci-Fi series, Sentient.

Mixes and Production are conducted via a number of individuals at external studios such as Liam Saunders at Loopmaniac Studios in Dunfermline and Steve Belgrave’s studio in London.  An understanding of the concept Bernstein is trying to achieve is vitally important and this is reflected in the Pete Maher’s masters where the tracks come to life.

The tracks are used for portfolio purposes with the Publishing Company in attracting TV/Film executives for future projects.

Sometimes you need to step into the darkness to experience the light …

Pete Maher Testimonial:
I have used Pete’s Mastering services for the past year and he has worked on  over a dozen of my compositions. I wouldn’t have anyone else work on my music. Pete’s Mastering skills are first class and no one comes close to his talent in the world of “polishing” tracks. His support for indie artists is undeniable and I am proud to have him involved in my work.
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