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Initially formed as a recording project, but now a band in every sense of the word. In our short life since our inception near the start of 2014 we’ve released two albums on our own record label and toured the country multiple times. Our self titled debut came out September 2014, and our second record, Dreamface, which Pete mastered, in March 2015.

We’re ravenous music obsessives and incorporate a broad palette of flavours into our sound, drawing from psychedelia, hard rock, post punk, doom, shoegaze, post hardcore, noise rock, krautrock, blues and pretty much anything else we love.

The album, Dreamface, was recorded in November of 2014 at Western Recording Company in Liverpool. It was produced by myself, and engineered by Kyle Western.


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Notes From Pete – This album kicks ass and sounds organic and heavy. My aim was to retain dynamics and get it super loud! A great band with great potential ..


Elevant is the brainchild of Songwriter/Singer/Guitarist Michael Edward. Heralding from Liverpool’s rich creative melting pot, it was initially formed as a recording project but has metamorphosed into a full band, drawing on influences in hard rock, psychedelia, post punk, rock and roll, krautrock and blues, plus whatever else happens to cross our ears.

The follow up to their self-titled debut album, ‘Dreamface’ is a phenomenal mix of hard rock, psychedelia, post punk, rock and roll with a bit of blues thrown in for good measure.

There is a clear diverse change with the tracks ranging from the fast paced album opening, mosh anthems like ‘Open Heart Surgery’ and ‘Blind’, to the longer intricate pieces such as ‘Nothing’ and the instrumental ‘Good Intentions’. The song that really sticks out from ‘Dreamface’ is ‘Snapshots’: it has a beautiful acoustic melody that leads into a grunge ballad, with coarse vocals and slight dissonance between vocals and the rhythm instruments. Then breaking out into a power chord thrash off before all dropping out leaving the original acoustic guitar; but this time accompanied by the vocals to close out the song with harmonics giving a real mysterious feel about it.

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  • Project Information: Producer: Kyle Western. Released March 13 2015
  • Band Website: http://elevantband.com/
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