As a supporter of new music Pete Maher offers lower rates to unsigned artists and independent labels worldwide ..

  • UNSIGNED ARTIST RATE – £28 per master – or $50 per master depending on location.
  • INDEPENDENT LABEL RATE – £38 per master – or $75 per master depending on location.
  • MAJOR LABEL RATE – From £75 per master – or from $140 per master depending on location.

Message from Pete: All projects will be given my FULL attention. Rates are based on the artists financial background. I can’t offer lower rates to major labels and I wouldn’t feel good about charging full rates to unsigned artists. As a supporter of new music I believe that everyone deserves top quality professional mastering at a rate they can afford. Improving the quality of new music is a win win for everyone!

*Important: If you’re sitting on a fantastic single, ep or album then don’t throw it away by:

  • Mastering it yourself (unless it’s just a quick demo).
  • Allowing your producer to master it (average at best, how can he/she be objective? Same ears, same monitors, same room plus mastering is a completely different skill).
  • Using a low cost mastering engineer with great site but average track record (average at best, always judge a tree by it’s fruit).
  • Using online algorithm based ‘robot mastering’ software (well marketed but cheap for a reason. The sanitizer of good music).

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Online Mastering:

  • For mastering I just need each song in stereo wav or aif format with no limiters or mastering plugins on the master bus during mixdown.
  • Masters will be emailed back to you as industry standard 16 bit wavs or 24 bit wavs (or both) depending on the project.
  • I can provide a red book production master CD or DDP for duplication/replication if required.
  • Text and ISRC codes will be embedded (Known as PQ Encoding).
  • Revisions are included so the job will only be complete when you are 100% happy !! :))

* ISRC codes are generated by the PPL


  • Payment can be made via bank transfer or Paypal. Pete will invoice you either way.
  • Like all studios offering online services we have a Payment First Policy.
  • The Payment First Policy is obviously NOT personal but just based on years of chasing invoices.
  • All work includes revisions.


Mastering samples are available for full rate mastering. However, it’s worth noting that whatever treatment works on a 45 second sample might not work on an entire EP or album. Finding the best multiband compression setting for the entire project is the key to a successful and competitive master. Samples alone will NOT highlight this so in truth you will only know how good the mastering is after your entire project has been mastered. For this reason you should always take a mastering engineers track record into account. Remember, anyone can sell themselves as a cheap but great online mastering engineer so always check an engineers CV. As you can see and hear on this site, Pete works at the very highest level with the most successful artists and labels in the world. He also has one of the best track records in the business.

For unsigned artists and independent labels looking for a sample we suggest that you book one song in for mastering at the lower rate. Pete will then master the track and send it back to you to approve. Revisions are included so the job will only be complete when you are 100% happy. This approved master will then be used as the benchmark for the rest of the project. The unsigned mastering rate is very popular with new artists so it’s best to book in ASAP.


Thought for the day ..
It’s definitely NOT a good idea to let your producer master your tracks! Same ears, same monitors, same room, same mindset makes it impossible for him/her to remain objective. Mixing and Mastering are two completely different areas of production. If you required heart surgery would you go to a vet? 


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